You’re Invited!!
Friday, June 7th for a night of comedy to benefit Jericho!
Tickets: $35 from June 4 until the night of the event.

The Young Professionals Council (YPC) is a way for rising professionals, ages 24-35, to bring their passion and philanthropic power of young professionals together to assist Jericho in maximizing the impact on the wellbeing of our city’s most vulnerable populations.
The YPC contributes to Jericho’s mission of ending veteran and young adult homelessness in New York City through volunteerism, fundraising and networking.
YPC Members enjoy exclusive benefits including fun social opportunities with other young professionals and volunteer opportunities.
If you are interested in joining the YPC, contact Johnae Ferguson, Development Manager at
We look forward to hearing from you.


Kristina Ristagno

Kristina Ristagno, Chairperson 
Goldman Sachs | Northeastern University


Sofia Nuñez-Morales

Sofia Nuñez-Morales, Marketing Chair
National Medical Fellowships


Kathryn Van Sickle

Kathryn Van Sickle, Fundraising Co-Chair
Columbia University | Trinity College


Joseph Papandrea

Joseph Papandrea, Fundraising Co-Chair
UBS | Villanova University


Emily Lewis

Emily Lewis, Community Engagement Chair
Mount Sinai | University of Maryland


Lavinia Seow

Lavinia Seow, Recruiting Chair 
EY | University of Pennsylvania


Max Davish

Max Davish, Operations Chair
Yext | NYU


Celena Kopinski

Celena Kopinski
FreeWheel, A Comcast Company
Case Western Reserve University


John Teltsch

John Teltsch 
Citadel | Boston University


Sam Reetz

Sam Reetz 
Millennial Ethics | Sarah Lawrence College


Brian Amabile

Brian Amabile
Cowen | Villanova


Matt Venter

Matt Venter
Capital One | University of Colorado


Jonathan Soto

Jonathan Soto
EY | Pace University


Jheryl WilsonReich & Tang Deposit Solutions | St. John’s University