Jericho Book Club: Change

This year was full of monumental changes for everyone ranging from how we live, work, and play. This week in particular also marks the beginning of fall, which serves as a helpful reminder about the only true constant in all of our lives: change. Regardless of that our students come in excellent requirement by a[…..]


Jericho Book Club: Healthy Jericho

Jericho Project is kicking off its “Healthy Jericho” program for the summer! Indulge in a good book and make it a healthy, learning experience while you’re at it with these recommended reads to help you reach your health, fitness and personal development goals.


Jericho Book Club: American History

This week’s Jericho Book Club topic is- American History. The purpose of this reading list is to provide some books with an accurate description of historical events that are often not included in most American history textbooks. It is universally known that Americans are unaware of our own history, just take a look at these[…..]


Jericho Book Club: Coming-of-Age

This week’s book club topic is Coming- of- Age. This list consists of novels that relate to all genders, races, and sexuality. These books were written to create a diverse multiplicity of narratives telling of the confusion, joy, and hardship of growing up. Happy Reading!


Jericho Book Club: Racial Inequality

To help to continue to educate our community about racial inequality, this week’s reading list consists of some fundamental books — many of which are part of the Brooklyn Public Library’s Black Lives Matter reading list for adults — that illuminate the struggles faced by people of color today. We have also included a list of Black-Owned[…..]

A Message from Tori Lyon, CEO

At Jericho Project, we have long believed in the power of community, inclusivity and togetherness – both in the programs and residences we operate and within our workplace culture. These are indeed the principles on which our organization was founded back in 1983, and they will forever remain tenets within our overarching mission to end[…..]