Celebrate! 2024:
Empowering Tomorow- Gala for Change



This year we were honored to present TD Bank with the Corporate Spotlight Award! For over 20 years, the TD Charitable Foundation has been a dedicated supporter of Jericho Project programming. In the past year, TD’s generous grant of $175,000 for the ‘Housing for Everyone’ initiative significantly improved living conditions for over 55 formerly homeless adults at our Jericho House residence. 

Additionally, honored was J Pilla Group Ltd. with the President’s Award! Jericho Project began working with The J. Pilla Group in July 2020, and J. Pilla was instrumental in helping Jericho close on its $24M Anthony Avenue Redevelopment project.  J. Pilla is the General Contractor on the project and has become a trusted advisor.

Lastly, Jericho honored Jericho Project’s Associate Board (JPAB) with the Legacy Award! JPAB stands as a dynamic force within Jericho Project. Comprised of 10 young professionals from diverse industries, JPAB has played a pivotal role in supporting Jericho programming through volunteering, fundraising, and networking efforts. Their dedication and enthusiasm perfectly embody the theme of the night, as they are the catalysts for empowerment and change right here at Jericho!

Emcee: Natalie Pasquarella, Anchor, NBC-4 NY

Natalie Pasquarella[18029]

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Off The Streets

Joel Cohen and Karyn Zieve


On With Life

Mimi and Michael Boublik

Home to Stay

Murray Smith and Claire McNamara

Cara Eisen and Gil Forer

Mark and Debbie Kopinski

Kevin and Eva Dirkse

Aditi Deeg and Bill Sanders

Toks Afolabi-Ajayi


Michael and Kristin Reed

Dr. Francesca Kress

Caroline Donahue


Andy Moss

Joyce and Chris Frost, Riverside Risk Advisors

Gil Raviv

Marjorie Hirsch

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Louis C. Talshoff

Anne Nelson

Ricki Stern and Evan Guillemin

Karen Manheimer 

Anne Nelson

Karen Manheimer 

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Cindy Lardy 

Abigail Pollak

John Mingione

Andrew Kosco 

Natalie Pasquarella 

Topeka Sam 

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Alex Cha 

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Zaid Sadoun 

Rodrick Bo 

Stuart Beckerman

Liane Grant

Marian Hutchins 

Michael Rose 

Molly McLane 

Andre De Lara 

Alexander Cheung 

Dennis Leibowitz

Thomas Scazzafavo

Joe Logan

Elizabeth Garland

Laura and Danny Palantone

Blake Garcia and Katherine Nelson

Daniel Costello

Derek Vasquez

Yaniv Eisen and Danielle Bello

Marina Irony

Caroline Davidson

James Del Greco

Celena Kopinski

Alex Ritchie

Lavinia Seow

Jay Gordon

Omar Wohabe

Jeanne McArthur

Joseph Ozalas

Lynn Bello

Gregory Dyson

Ilane and Adam Zivitofsky

Stephen Penwell

Randolph Nelson

Paul and Karin Day Kingsley

Madison Skinner

Wendy Delaney

Keith Savage

Aimee Park

Antonio Lachetta

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