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Robert Blake Resident Of Haven Apartments

Equal funding for supportive housing

Op-ed by Tori Lyon in the Daily News, January 6, 2024 A stark state funding inequity is holding back New York nonprofits from doing our best to reduce homelessness. New York City and State can be applauded for their pioneering roles in championing supportive housing as a proven path to stability for individuals and families. Yet a stubborn blind spot remains as legislators grossly underfund one of the oldest programs in the state — creating barriers to the housing outcomes we all seek. The New York State Supportive Housing Program, known as

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Homeless Near Brooklyn Bridge

New York shouldn’t lose sight of housing solutions that work

Options such as rapid-rehousing get families out of shelters and into homes. Op-ed by Tori Lyon in NYN Media, August 17, 2023 The influx of migrant people into New York City, not only a humanitarian crisis but also a financial one, has shone an unsparing light on our chronic shortage of affordable housing. As local, state and federal administrations spar over how to shelter incoming migrant people and determine who will pay for it, we must not lose sight of the  long-term housing solutions that work, and commit more funding

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