Jericho Project’s Homebase Program is the agency’s main initiative dedicated to helping create healthy families.

Families are referred to us through the Department of Homeless Services or Help USA.


In collaboration with HELP USA, Jericho Project has established a program known as Homebase which provides aftercare to families and couples to alleviate potential housing crises, while organizing flexible, person-centered interventions in order to prevent evictions and keep families stably housed. Families will be assigned a case manager who will develop a comprehensive service plan to establish permanency and prevent recidivism. Services that can be offered to each household include: benefits assistance, career counseling, financial counseling and referrals to mental health/substance use treatment, as well as landlord mediation, legal services or other community linkages.

Family Scatter-Site

Jericho Project opened our Family Scatter-Site Permanent Supportive Housing Program in September of 2020. This new program consists of 35 units specifically for families and will house approximately 70-80 school-aged children.