We believe in people’s ability to live self-sufficiently and provide the support for them to do so.

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Jericho serves low-income young adults ages 18-25 who are literally homeless, living in a shelter or on the streets. The program seeks to focus efforts on LGBTQ young adults as this population is especially vulnerable.

Rapid Re-Housing

Jericho Project will rapidly re-house young adults from shelters (ideally within 30 days) by providing temporary financial assistance and individualized case management to ensure housing stability. Your case manager will also provide referrals to community providers for legal services, healthcare, mental health/substance abuse services, recreation, and any other support to help you overcome underlying barriers to maintaining housing.

Knowledge and Employment for Young Adults

Jericho’s employment and education program enables young adults to identify, prepare for, and secure their dream jobs. Your career counselor will help you become economically self-sufficient through educational opportunities, job readiness skills training, paid and unpaid internships, and employment placement.

Supportive Housing

On July 17, 2018, our eighth and largest supportive housing residence on Walton Avenue in the Bronx opened. Thirty-three of its apartments will be reserved for young adults ages 18-25.

To apply: have your case manager complete a “2010E Application” indicating that you are interested in “Young Adult Housing.” Your case manager will submit it to the Human Resources Administration (HRA) and those applications will be forwarded to Jericho Project.

If you are a homeless young adult in need of employment, education, or housing support, please fill out the form below to find out if you are eligible for our services:

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