Jericho Project’s Supportive Housing Portfolio helps people conquer the multitude of issues that lead them into homelessness, including substance abuse, mental health illnesses, trauma and poverty.

To qualify for Jericho Project’s Supportive Housing Portfolio you must be a single adult, at least 21 years of age, and chronically homeless (each residence may require additional criteria). If you believe you are eligible, please call the residences on our Contact page to discuss further.

Nearly 500 Units of Congregate Supportive Housing and 80 Units of Scattered Site Supportive Housing

Starting as a modest 35-unit program, Jericho’s Supportive Housing Portfolio supports 474 units across eight congregate supportive housing residences – one in Central Harlem and seven in the Bronx. Jericho also manages two scatter-site programs with a total of 80 units that places residents in apartments rented on the open market throughout New York City.

What is supportive housing?

Providing Individualized Support

Jericho’s holistic service model provides the individualized support people need to maintain their sobriety, heal from the traumas they have suffered, and rebuild relationships with their families, as well as the intensive services required to secure and maintain employment.

Achieving Results

Jericho Project has an excellent track record of helping our clients remain housed. Last year, 95% of residents maintained stable housing after admission to Jericho, and 8% graduated from our programs into independent living.

In 2016, 86% of residents with a diagnosed substance abuse disorder in remission maintained their sobriety, a remarkable outcome. The standard sobriety rate according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse is 20-40%.

On With Life Program

Jericho’s On With Life Program (OWL) works with residents in our Supportive Housing Program who have secured sufficient stability and income to live independently. The program helps residents identify affordable housing and make a healthy transition from supported life at Jericho to independent living. After the transition to independent living, OWL Counselors are on hand to provide services to “graduates” for up to two years to help them maintain their sobriety and housing stability.