Jericho Project Veterans Residence Wins Best Supportive Housing Award from the Supporting Housing Network of New York

Jericho Project’s Kingsbridge Terrace, the state-of-the-art community serving veterans with supportive housing and comprehensive counseling, was awarded Residence of the Year by the Supportive Housing Network of New York (SHNNY) at its annual Awards Gala at Capitale in New York City.

“Kingsbridge Terrace is a shining example of what supportive housing can be: modern, strategic and effective in enabling formerly homeless veterans to regain their dignity,” said Jericho Project Executive Director Tori Lyon. “We are proud that it is advancing the mission to end veterans homelessness in New York City.”

Jericho serves over 1,600 adults and children, including 550 veterans, with supportive housing and comprehensive services including employment, substance abuse counseling and family reunification.

“Kingsbridge Terrace illustrates how public and private funding can be applied to a visionary solution to ending homelessness for New York veterans,” said Laura Mascuch, SHNNY Executive Director.

Jericho Project designed and built Kingsbridge Terrace as a LEED-certified residence for 76 homeless or low-income veterans from all eras. Opened in 2012, it is a green environment of wellness and camaraderie, with a community room, computer center, handicapped-accessible studios, fitness room and rooftop garden.

It is one of Jericho’s two new Veterans Residences that together serve 132 veterans in the Bronx, with a new residence for veterans and young adults under construction. Jericho’s Veterans Initiative also extends to employment, homeless prevention and rapid rehousing programs throughout the city.

Jericho first envisioned the Veterans Initiative in 2006, when it recognized the growing crisis of homelessness among veterans, including those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Advised by its Veterans Advisory Council made up of leaders and veterans from the military and government as well as from the private sector, Jericho proactively addresses the plight of veterans who had become chronically homeless, and works to prevent another generation of veterans from becoming homeless.

About Jericho Project:

Jericho Project was founded in 1983 to provide housing and holistic services to New York City’s most vulnerable homeless individuals. Since then, it has provided supportive housing with seven residences in New York, and counseling services to thousands of men and women experiencing chronic homelessness and substance abuse. Inspired by the belief that transformation can occur in every individual, Jericho Project steadfastly works to end homelessness at its roots by creating a community that inspires individual change, fosters sustainable independence, and motivates men and women to reach their greatest potential. It has a long track record of proven success: 95% of clients maintain housing stability and 90% of Jericho residents affected by substance abuse maintain their sobriety. https://jerichoproject.org

About the Supportive Housing Network of New York:

The Supportive Housing Network of New York is a nonprofit membership organization with offices in New York City and Albany. Established in 1988, the Network represents over 200 nonprofits that develop and operate supportive housing. The Network serves as a voice for the provider community, which has created the largest, best-managed and most innovative supportive housing stock in the nation.