Macro Risk Advisors Raises More Than $310,000 for Veterans

MRA Will Donate Commissions to Jericho Project’s Veterans Initiative

Macro Risk Advisors (MRA), a leading provider of global market risk analysis and derivatives trade execution for institutional investors, today announced it raised $313,141 in its first annual charitable trading day to benefit U.S. veterans. All of the net commissions earned from option, stock and ETF trades, combined with a $50,000 contribution from MRA, will be donated to Jericho Project’s Veterans Fund. The charity day was held on Thursday, November 8 to commemorate the grand opening of Kingsbridge Terrace, a 76-unit Bronx apartment house that will house veterans in need.

“We are thrilled to be able to work with an organization that supports such an important yet often forgotten part of our society,” said Dean Curnutt, CEO and founder of MRA, who also sits on Jericho Project’s Board of Directors. “There is a dramatic need to better integrate veterans back into society once they return from combat. Jericho is part of a compelling movement that empowers communities to successfully reintegrate our nation’s injured heroes.”

Jericho Project’s Veterans Communities are the first New York City housing programs of their kind dedicated to housing for homeless and at-risk veterans, offering support services and veteran-specific programming. At the residences, 60% of the units are for veterans who have a history of homelessness, substance abuse and/or mental health issues, and 40% are for low-income veterans from the community, with priority given to veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“As Jericho Project approaches its 30th anniversary, we are helping a growing number of homeless and low-income veterans who are struggling to transition into healthy civilian lives. Partners like MRA are critical in enabling Jericho to help solve the problem of veterans homelessness,” said Tori Lyon, Jericho Project’s Executive Director. “Funds raised through MRA’s charity day will ensure that Jericho can assist even more veterans who have served our country and now need our help.”

MRA provides conflict-free market strategy and execution services to a client base of institutional and alternative managers, with combined assets under management in excess of $150 billion. Founded in 2008, MRA is a FINRA-registered broker/dealer known for its sophisticated and unique analysis of global macro risks, volatility and equity derivatives.

About Macro Risk Advisors

Macro Risk Advisors is an independent derivatives strategy and execution firm headquartered in New York and specializing in translating proprietary market intelligence into specific trading ideas for institutional investors. Utilizing proven techniques for trade execution, MRA enables clients to consistently achieve efficient pricing in the equity and option markets. MRA’s strategy notes are read by more than 500 unique institutional firms. The company is a FINRA-registered broker-dealer. For more information, visit www.macroriskadvisors.com or MRAD <GO> on Bloomberg.
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